Yamato Battleship – Plastic Model

I was in the loo a couple of days ago, taking a crap and reading on what Jeremy Clarkson describes as a beauty of a battleship, the most beautiful of them all. He was referring to the Japanese World War II ship, the Yamato.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well shame on you. Nothing short of superlatives can be used to describe this gargantuan leviathan of the oceans. It was the biggest, heaviest and most powerful (having 9 460mm cannons certainly helped) battleship to roam the seas.

Sent on a suicide mission when Japan’s WWII defeat was imminent, it was sunk by Allied forces, but not before receiving the better part of 12 torpedoes and direct hits from 10 bombs.

So it’s pretty strange to then bump into a plastic model of the Yamato selling at a discount no less! This model (officially called the Super Mechanics Japanese Battleship Yamato) measures 350 mm in length and approximately 80 mm in height, and is produced by Taito!

Play-Asia is currently selling this for a mere USD 9.90 and I just ordered mine. Click here for further details, but if you need a review of this particular model, you can do so here, or wait till I get mine 🙂

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