Johnny no Dasshutsu Daisakusen’s Copy Protection on the NDS

Success’ latest game for the Nintendo DS, Johnny no Dasshutsu Daisakusen, may spring a little surprise for those who downloaded the pirated ROM of the game. Here’s the gist of it, if you are running the game on a flashkart like the R4, you might be stuck playing the introductory level over and over again.

Basically, the game is a point and click 3D adventure game, not unlike those pixel hunt fests you find on the PC (Myst comes to mind). The introductory level will have you in a room, and you’ll need to find the key to unlock the door. But if you are running the game using a flashkart, the game will basically just restart once you open the door.

This is where you separate the man from the boys.

LOL. Taken from the game and how apt. So, if you are looking to play the game, go get the original copy. The game is available at Play-Asia. Click here for further details.

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  1. John September 11, 2008

    Or, just get a hack for the rom. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the DS had a similar anti rom feature that, after going through any door, would show a picture of a Moogle saying “Thanks for Playing!” that would freeze the game. A hack promptly fixed the rom days after release. Piracy is like a game of leap frog: the publishers and pirates will always be one step ahead of each other…

  2. tokyo_nights September 13, 2008

    Ahh…but no harm going legit rite? 🙂