Now I’m Planting Cucumber Seeds….And You Don’t Have That in Animal Crossing

I just spent the better part of Sunday afternoon doing some gardening. As I was mixing the soil to plant a new batch of cucumber seeds (fresh from the Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institute…so says the makcik who gave me the seeds), I realized how much fun people who are hooked to Animal Crossing (and therefore “virtual tree planting”) are missing.

And unlike Animal Crossing, where you can cheat; gardening and planting seeds (watching them grow and then reaping the harvest), gives a certain sense of satisfaction no “farming simulator” can match. So, switch off the DS, get out of the couch, get a pot (the non-smoking type :P), some soil, and seeds, and don’t make a mess :).

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  1. jgoreham September 8, 2008

    Alas, we don’t get a whole lot of sun in my new apartment, so we’ve not done an awful lot of planting 🙁 I do have a plant on my window sill in my room, and it’s not given up the ghost yet!

  2. sherrina September 9, 2008

    I’ve tried playing this game before but I don’t get it how it works…so dump the game.

    p/s: Did u tried or write anything bout Guitar Hero for DS?