For Better or for Worse, Halo Novels

Have you been to your local bookstore lately? Browsing through the Sci-Fi and Fantasy sections would probably yield a number of books which are video game tie-ins. The usual suspects are Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft and Halo.

The next question would be, as a video gamer, are you ever inclined to read these books? Well, I for one wasn’t, until my brother got me a Halo 3-book set for Christmas, and the books turned out to be an interesting, if not, enjoyable read bar one.

Hello Halo

The three books in the set were “The Fall of Reach”, “The Flood” and “First Strike”, and are best read in the aforementioned sequence. Everyone’s favourite hero in green armour (I’m not talking bout Link) gets his introduction and backstory in “The Fall of Reach”.

Here, you get to know how John, became the Master Chief and that there are other Spartans as well. “The Flood” basically retells the first Halo video game, and it reads like a video game as well. This picture best sums up my feelings for this book:

First Strike shares the same author as The Fall of Reach, and is pretty good, but having said that, you’ll need to read The Fall of Reach to get an idea on what’s going on. With my first batch of video-game tie-ins read and sitting pretty on my bookshelf, are there any other recommendations?

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  1. slumbeR@J@ August 31, 2008

    lol. i wonder too actually but i assumed maybe some die hard fan aka kipas susah mati are going to buy those kind of book.

    anyone wanna exchange link? slumbeR@J@!

  2. tokyo_nights September 7, 2008

    Haha..yeah. Maybe