Dealing With Fanboys and Playing GBA Games

I sure can’t hold water in discussions regarding stuff like Final Fantasy game plots or which is my favourite FF character of all time, those are in the realm of geeks. One thing I noticed is that gamers in this category tend to stick with franchises and are suckers for hype.

Go out and smell the gaming roses, boys and girls, there are plenty of other games to play, experience and write about. Don’t be like the proverbial Malay saying, “Katak di bawah tempurung”, a.k.a Frog under coconut shell, never to experience the outside world.

And when it comes to blogs, I wonder if recycling news announcements from other blogs could be considered substance. I get bored after reading “New Castlevania released” for the n-th time. Here’s a catch phrase: Create your own niche content.

Why so serious?

If there’s one thing you notice about Nine Over Ten 9/10 is that I like talking about the games I play, especially those that are off the beaten track.

The GBA games that I have, especially those from the bit Generations are epitomes of simplicity and while being great casual games, they have no problems in letting a player go all out. In Digidrive (my favourite of them all), the challenge is to sort traffic coming into a cross junction for maximum points, something easier said then done when traffic increases in speed and frequency.

The game tends to make people flustered in no time, and can you keep on directing traffic at that point? The price for getting flustered directing traffic? USD 9.90. Not bad for an imported game. Click here for details.

Another bit Generations game has popped back into Play-Asia’s in-stock list. Dotstream plays like those lightcycles from Tron, and is selling for USD 24.90. I would keep this link bookmarked if I were you. Now, the only thing I need to do is to wait for the price to drop.

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