I Can Has PSP-3000

The newly announced Sony PSP-3000 is really something, if you believe in over-statements. New improved screen with no glare (certainly beats my Nintendo DS, no arguements there), PS button (what’s that for?), built-in mic (I tots its has one,  no? in my best lol-cat impression). A laundry list of changes (over-statements ftw)…and before I forget, a picture of it from the news-breaking article itself:

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  1. psp 3000 August 21, 2008

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  2. jgoreham August 21, 2008

    Cool, I used to be very critical of the PSP but in recent months my position on which handheld is ‘better’ has really shifted. I still love my DS but there are an increasing number of titles for PSP I’d love to have a go at, and recent hardware changes are pretty eye-catching too (I’m a real sucker for the slim’n’lites).

  3. Jon C August 24, 2008

    If the LCD is really improved I will probably try to seek an OEM replacement for my 2000. The microphone I can live without.