Of The Weekend and Keeping Club Nintendo Games Shrink-wrapped

The weekend is finally here! That means more time for games and for the Olympics! Anyways, I’ll be taking a look at Time Ace, Gunbullet Trainer and several more Nintendo DS games, so stay tuned for the reviews in the near future.

On other matters DS related, do you ever wonder what’s inside the box of a Club Nintendo game? Do they put extra reading material inside or there’s a certificate inside?

I’m just guessing but at the same time really tempted to do away with the shrink wrap on my copy of Zekkyo Senshi Sakebrain [Club Nintendo Limited Edition] (get your own here)

I actually intend to keep mine in mint condition for posterity, but I’m really tempted to open it. What say you guys? Want pictures? LOL

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  1. jgoreham August 16, 2008

    I say crack that puppy open, unless you’re a sealed game collector (which BTW is the most boring kind of collector of anything!). Games are meant to be played!

  2. Jonathan Poon August 19, 2008

    Or buy two copies, and play one, and sell it, and keep the other sealed forever.

  3. tokyo_nights August 21, 2008

    @jgoreham: Okie….gonna use the DSLR for this one.
    @Jonathan: I’m tempted to, but the game is no longer in the bargain bin 🙂