Giant Hypermarket Kelana Jaya Sells Expired Dog Food

Do you have a dog as a pet? If so, do you check the expiry date on the dog food packaging every time you buy one at your local store? Well, I hope you do. As humans, I think we would make quite a fuss when served expired food, and if pets could talk, they would most certainly voice their disappointment in us if we were to extend the same “courtesy”.

I was at the Giant hypermarket in Kelana Jaya earlier this evening shopping for dog food. I make it a point not to buy Pedigree or Alpo (or Purina as a matter of fact, all these are made by the same manufacturer) as eating these causes my dog to scratch herself incessantly (it drives both dog and owner crazy).

Since Giant stocks an entire range from Alpo’s manufacturers, I pick the only other brand available, Smart Heart, which I’ve been feeding my dog for the past several months (the dog scratches much lesser now). To my surprise, I found most of the stock (the ones costing RM 26) to be expired or near expiry. One actually expired back in February, and another in June!

I told one of the workers who was stocking the shelves that the dog food was expired. He took a look and then walked away muttering something. I understand that migrant workers are cheap, but don’t put them in direct contact of customers without giving them some customer service training.

Anyways, I grabbed one of the 7 kg packs (RM 49.90) instead as they only expire in 2009. After paying for it, I made a complaint about the expired dog food at the Customer Service counter. The staff there, being local, were courteous and one of them went immediately to check out the dog food.

They mentioned that they do check every morning but I’m guessing if it’s a slacker (migrant or otherwise, I don’t really care) doing the checking, get ready for more complaints.

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  1. jgoreham August 12, 2008

    As pet owners, we are responsible for our pets’ well being, happiness, and nutrition and you did the right thing here. Sometimes I wonder if what would be best for my pet is a ‘real’ food diet, but I sadly don’t think I have the time to dedicate to that effort right now…

  2. tokyo_nights August 16, 2008

    Hmm.. I have an aunt who never fails to cook for her dog. But of course she’s at home all the time and treats the dog (a shitzu) like a child.