It’s-A-Me-Mario: Mario Bros. Addiction

The best part about Super Mario Advance 4 for the GBA isn’t really the updated version of Super Mario Bros 3, but the original Mario Bros game that comes along with it! I actually played this for an hour on the GBM before I slept last night.

There’s something addictive in these retro games.

Subject to Availability

It’s a shame however that Play-Asia only sells the English version of the game as I find the Japanese cover (below) to be more appealing,

than that its English counterpart.

Where to Get?

In any case, interested in getting a classic for your GBA? Click here for purchase details for Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

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  1. MidnightScott August 7, 2008

    You are a boxart purist! j/k

    The box isn’t too bad, but why judge a game by its boxart when you know the game is already good. BTW, I just bought Slide Adventure: Mag Kid from Play-Asia for $20, I hope it’s good =O

  2. jgoreham August 7, 2008

    I like the Japanese boxes better too, they look a little less like there’s a toy inside than the American boxes do or something. I can get pretty far in Mario 3 but I’ve never beaten it :/

    I’ve never played Yoshi’s Island, I really need to pick that one up on GBA (I’ve come home to discover my sister has very cheekily nicked my SNES, so there’s no point for me to pick it up for console!).

  3. tokyo_nights August 9, 2008

    @Midnight Scott.. Yeah, the game is good, but I view box arts as pieces of art (for lack of a better term) and I find the Japanese ones way nicer. Slide Kid is sitting at my shelf.. no idea when I’m going to open it and play the game. +_+

    @jgoreham..and they don’t look tacky! Hehe