Racing Big Bikes on The NDS

When it comes to motorcycle games on the DS, I can’t really think of any except for the recent Ducati Moto.

Vroom Vroom

Unlike racing cars (or karts for that matter), motorbikes require a slightly higher level of finesse given that they are lighter and you can always mess up your race by steering poorly into a corner. Ducati Moto does manage to convey that kind of motorcycle racing and along with the rather buxom female character models; it’s a pretty solid game.

Money Money Money

The usual game modes are there and the meat of the game is in the Championship mode. Here you race for money and this moolah doesn’t go to waste as the game has a garage option whereby money can be spent on upgrading your bike or for buying a new one. Money is also spent fixing your bike for the damages incurred during the race.

There’s a small element of gambling whereby an AI opponent will bet some money on he or she beating you, before the start of a race. You can choose to accept or decline this potential side income.

Like Driving Uphill

An unfortunate downside about the Championship mode is the high requirements for unlocking tracks. It’s 20 points per track and finish 3rd in a race will only award you a single point…. You get the idea.

A surprising addition to the game is Nintendo WFC support; this means that players can race with other Ducati Moto racers from around the world. How cool is that? Now you can have your very own Moto GP J


Graphics wise, the game is entirely in 3D and anything on the DS that looks prettier than the first 2 incarnations of the Need for Speed games on the PC would win my vote anytime. The first track of the game looks impressive and maintaining the steady frame rate along with the drawing distance is an applaudable feat.


As mentioned earlier, Ducati Moto is not only a pretty good racing motor racing game but a pretty good racing game in general; Highly recommended for motorheads anywhere. It is should be available at Play-Asia this July. Click here for details.

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