Of Moving To A New Home and Pinball

Almost all my stuff, my books, my games (all 47 Nintendo DS titles I own), and collectibles are downstairs packed in big brown boxes. My room is half empty after my workstation and bookshelf were disassembled and  wrapped in  plastic. Why you ask. Well, I’m moving to my new house, and into a bigger room, tomorrow!

I’ll still be popping by the old house once in a while, mainly to clean it and more importantly to use the Internet connection pending the availability of a phone line in the new house.

What else I have not packed? There’s the electronic organ and the PS2 (the Dreamcast on the other hand, is in the other house) as well as the PC.

But enough talk for now, time to play some games. But before I go, did you know that Metroid Prime Pinball is going for really cheap at Play-Asia? Only USD 14.90 and it comes with a Rumble Pak. Click here for details

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  1. Jon June 29, 2008

    Hope you have a great time at your new home!

  2. jgoreham June 30, 2008

    Happy move!

  3. tokyo_nights July 1, 2008

    but i has no internetz 🙁