Does the Guitar Hero Grip work on the Phat Nintendo DS?

Taking a look at the screenshots of the new Guitar Grip which comes with the new Guitar Hero: On Tour game for the Nintendo DS, I realised that it fits rather snugly into the GBA slot for the NIntendo DS Lite. But what about the old version of Nintendo DS, the one built like a tank?

Any ideas anyone? Or we can wait till June 23rd, get one and test it out. Guitar Hero: On Tour is available for sale on that date at Play-Asia.

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  1. Jerry June 22, 2008

    Well, a friend of mine works at GameStop and received a demo copy of the game which I got to test out as well (it’s quite fun, and actually could get pretty hard) and it comes with an add-on to the grip to help it fit the fat DS.

  2. jgoreham June 22, 2008

    Yeah, I think IGN or somebody confirmed that it works on a phatty some time ago. I’ve not comitted the article to memory, so I can’t offer you any links, sadly :/ DS:Life might have talked about it in a recent (but not the latest) podcast as well?

  3. jgoreham June 22, 2008

    PS I feel like I’m the only person who is still excited for this game. As I’m currently abroad but I’m not here permanently, I don’t have access to a home console (didn’t bring any in case they explode when I plug them in, didn’t get one here either) so I haven’t really had my way with Guitar Hero yet. Unfortunately, by the time I’m home, I think most of my friends will be ‘done with’ it already!

  4. cavalock June 23, 2008

    yah, i have one of the old big DS and DS Lite. Am thinking of getting it once i finish Lego Indy. Or might get the latest FF for DS. can’t decide.

    Anywhere i get the full song list for Guitar Hero on Tour??? thanks

  5. vampy June 24, 2008

    Hi. I have just purchased the game and am now having a very cramped left hand (from gripping the console for too long).

    For compatibility with 1st-gen DS, there is some plastic add-on that you can screw onto the console.