Special Edition PSPs Abound: Featuring The God of War Entertainment Pack

Japanese Sony PSP fans are a pretty lucky bunch, with all those “Special Edition” PSPs and bundles out in the market. Here are just a few examples:

Most of these are considered as collector items, since the PSP units have custom embellishments (like  the Monster Hunger Portable 2nd G Hunter Pack) or colour scheme, camouflage in the case of the Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops packs.

But what happens if you are American? Special edition PSPs are pretty rare but things should be looking up now with the introduction of the PSP God of War Entertainment Pack.

This bundle includes a red PSP Slim & Lite with Kratos silkscreened artwork, the God of War: Chains of Olympus game, one movie (Superbad) and a PSN Game Voucher for Syphon Filter: Combat Ops.

Interested in getting one? Play-Asia has these in stock. Click here for further details.

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  1. cavalock June 11, 2008


    great site. Got a DS n PSP myself n am playing Lego Indy on the DS right now. Its fun! Like yr earlier post on gashapon, copied yr link to the Yujin interview if u don’t mind.

  2. tokyo_nights June 12, 2008

    Hi cavalock,

    Thanks for the compliment. You’ve got a very interesting blog as well, do you mind if I add your link to my blog roll?

    Regarding the yujin interview, I don’t mind at all 😉

  3. cavalock June 13, 2008

    Sure. Thanks for dropping by!