Macross Frontier Soundtrack

I just finished watching episode 7 of Macross Frontier and it left me totally in awe of the series. Macross Quarter’s transformation scene and the way it pwned (excuse the net speak) the alien mothership rocks.

Not only that, the soundtrack is really good. I was looking for a translation for the song Diamond Crevasse when I bumped into Gabriela Robin’s site instead. It has both the Japanese text AND Romanized versions of Diamond Crevasse, at this link.

For those of you wanting to buy the soundtrack, you have a several, if not disparate, choices. There’s Iteza Gogo 9 Ji Don’t Be Late (Macross Frontier Outro Theme), which contains both Diamond Crevasse and Don’t Be Late (from the first episode). There’s also Triangler (Macross Frontier Intro Theme) EP (which is out now) and the Macross Frontier Original Soundtrack coming out on June 4th!

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  1. gogo May 30, 2008

    […] Outro Theme, which contains both Diamond Crevasse and Don??t Be Late. There??s also Triangler Ma go – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaLook up go-go, gogo in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. … […]